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Frigyes Lestak – CEO of Flare2Valve

I believe flaring reduction is an opportunity and an obligation of my lifetime. Our aim, at F2V, is to deliver material reduction in flaring through complete, replicable solutions. We develop, finance, build (engineer, procure and construct), own, and operate our flare gas utilisation recovery facilities. The projects turn waste flared gases into useful products, reduce CO2 and Methane (CH4) emissions, and create jobs. I am known to be passionate about what I we do, resilient, focused on delivery, and collaborative innovation. Having worked for 30 years in the energy industry, I am proud to have created and led the delivery of some of the climate change mitigation and efficiency improvement strategies at Shell. This work resulted in a 30% reduction in flaring at Shell. I also have initiated and led collaborations between Shell, the World Bank and various countries in flare reduction and efficiency improvement. Earlier in my career, working at MW Kellogg, I had the opportunity to build up my engineering and commercial skills, to set up consultancy services, and to develop and commercialize new technology. I hold an MBA and PhD in Chemical Engineering.